About Cole-Preferred Safety

Founded in 1991 by Barry Allen Cole, Cole-Preferred Safety has been the premier safety consulting and training company in the Denver area for decades.

In the early 90’s, Barry realized that there was a dire need for employees and employers to be trained in the proper safety procedures and regulations.

Instead of sitting idly by and watching companies suffer from crippling OSHA fines and devastating work site injuries, he decided to do something about it and create a company that could help businesses in every industry ensure the safety of their workers without cutting into their bottom line.

Now, after serving countless companies for over 25 years, Cole-Preferred Safety is proud to be one of the most prestigious and renowned safety consulting companies in the mid-west.

With our commitment to high-quality customer service and a “can-do” attitude, we have been growing at a rapid rate, and we have no intention of slowing down.

4785 Elati Street
Suite 15
Denver, Colorado 80216
Ph: 303.477.0535
Fax: 303.225.0510