Testing & Certification

In addition to inspections, we also offer testing and certification of all of your fall safety anchors to ensure they are up to OSHA/ANSI weight tolerance standards. After testing, we check that they are up to code and ready to keep your employees safe.

Retrofit & Rehabilitation of Existing Safety Systems

If you have existing safety systems in place that are simply a little bit worn out but do not need a full replacement, we also offer retrofitting and rehabilitation services to help bring all of your existing systems back up to code.

Design & Supply of Safety Systems

If you are a new company or are undergoing a massive safety system overhaul, Cole-Preferred Safety offers some of the finest design, fabrication, and supply services in the safety system industry.

Training Services

We also offer a wide range of training services including:  OSHA, CPR, Electrical & Fire Safety,  equipment training and more!

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